In-game name: AzukiPuddles
Trade info/Rules:
  • Please use in-game chat for listed trades!
    • Makes for easier verification of both parties (online status, platform, usernames) as well as to get invites out quicker!
  • I will invite you!
    • Allows you and everyone else to be responded to and taken care of as quickly as possible by allowing fewer loading screens for myself especially in the case of high volume sales.
    • Ensure a more reliable connection and thus another addition to the speediness of trades.
  • Minimum trade value of 5 platinum.
    • Trades are unfortunately limited per day and as such to keep them worthwhile for all parties as well as to not overwhelm me and thus neglecting trade quality I have to keep a minimum value.
    • This however means many items that I may have listed could be overvalued and listed at the minimum of 5 platinum. In these cases, if you would like multiple items please contact me and I would be more than happy to match or perhaps beat the market average!
  • Guarantee, honesty & courtesy
    • My prices are what they are and if I make a mistake I will honor it, and if I make a mistake I will make things right. And as soon as you make contact for an item I immediately mark it as sold.
    • As such if you decide to change your mind please let me know, I don’t mind as long as you do this! If not that can mean missed sales and wasted time trying to get back in contact with you and figure out the situation.
    • Unfortunately, players may not always have good intentions (lying about prices, offering incorrect platinum, etc), in these cases, I will have to take the necessary steps to protect myself and other tenno. This includes blocking all future contact and reports to various recipients (DE, Warframe.market, and possibly others).
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